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Stratus Red Team uses cobra's built-in support to add autocompletions when working with the CLI.

Sample usage

stratus deton[tab]
stratus detonate aws[tab][tab]


Through Homebrew

When installing Stratus Red Team through Homebrew, shell completions are automatically installed for bash, zsh and fish shells.


Ensure you have bash-completion installed (brew install bash-completion / apt install bash-completion), then run:

# Install bash-completion if necessary
brew install bash-completion

stratus completion bash > /usr/local/etc/bash_completion.d/stratus
echo "source /usr/local/etc/bash_completion" >> ~/.bashrc
# Install bash-completion if necessary
sudo apt install bash-completion

mkdir -p /etc/bash_completion.d
stratus completion bash > /etc/bash_completion.d/stratus
echo "source /etc/bash_completion" >> ~/.bashrc
echo "autoload -U compinit; compinit" >> ~/.zshrc
source ~/.zshrc
stratus completion zsh > "${fpath[1]}/_stratus"
stratus completion fish > ~/.config/fish/completions/